Technical Support provides solutions and workarounds to common technical dilemmas as they apply to different Xchanger Suite modules. These TechTips are often accompanied by a live webinar.  Check the Upcoming Events calendar to see when the next webinar will be offered. 

TT-1: Beware of large height under nozzle with parallel-cut baffles

TT-2: Learn how driver power is calculated

TT-3: Model one-fan-off operation in Xace

TT-4: Flow boiling with small increase in weight fraction vapor (revised 05/2016)

TT-5: Design guidance for distributor plates

TT-6: Handling excessive pressure drop with low pressure condensers

TT-7: Model flooding for horizontal tubeside condensers

TT-8: Model tube vibration in the bundle entrance region with parallel-cut baffles

TT-9: Specify double-segmental baffles in Xist

TT-10: Model electric heaters in Xist

TT-11: Model DX evaporators in Xace and Xist

TT-13: Model supercritical fluids

TT-14: Customize Xchanger Suite reports using Visual Basic scripting in Excel

TT-15: Single-phase vapor and condensing heat transfer across inline low-finned tube bundles in cross flow

TT-16: Selecting face velocities for API air-cooler designs

TT-17: Tubecount assumptions in Xist

TT-18: Design guidance for no-tube-in-window (NTIW) baffles

TT-19: Specifying piping in Xist

TT-20: Modeling plugged tubes in Xace

TT-21: Calculating vapor velocity in vacuum condensers

TT-22: Specifying annular distributors

TT-23: Specifying tubeside reflux condensers in Xist

TT-24: Modeling U-bend supports in Xist 

TT-25: Modeling anti-vibration support plates in Xist  

TT-26: Vibration analysis of nonbaffled H shells

Application Notes

Determining Input for Flue Gas Soot Extinction Coefficient

Guidelines for Tube Vibration Analysis

Modeling Temperature Profile in Vertical Tubeside Thermosiphons

Selecting Appropriate Face Velocity Ranges for Air-Cooler Designs