Exchanger Optimizer

Finding the best solution for your heat transfer system requires careful evaluation of capital, installation, operating, and maintenance costs. Exchanger Optimizer™ simplifies the complicated design process and could potentially save your company millions. Engineers can use this software to quickly obtain relative cost estimates, compare multiple configurations, and select the most cost-effective configuration for the entire equipment life cycle. Download a brochure or request an evaluation.

Why do I need Exchanger Optimizer?

Designed specifically for heat transfer engineers, Exchanger Optimizer

  • assesses the impact of different designs and materials
  • integrates directly with HTRI Xchanger Suite, reducing the time for data re-entry and evaluation
  • reduces the time and effort required for economic evaluations
  • enables more effective decisions for maintenance and debottlenecking

Version 4 Features

  • material cost update for 2019
  • new Bill of Materials for air-cooled heat exchangers
  • new Fabrication Activities List for air-cooled heat exchangers
  • option for T-type with integral (non-removable) shell cover
  • option for number of tube hole grooves for tube-to-tubesheet joint
  • improved user interface
  • embedded costing within Xchanger Suite® 8

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