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Specifying Geometry and Tube Layout in Xist Short Course

Course Fee: US$650

Xist 7 adds valuable mechanical design features to its previous thermal design capabilities. With hands-on practice based on industry examples, you will learn how to uncover potential thermal problems caused by mechanical design constraints during instead of after the thermal design phase. After you have completed this short course, you will be able to more effectively specify geometry and tube layout in Xist using both mechanical drawings and the internal calculations to develop Xist cases. You will also practice matching tube layouts that you built in previous versions of Xist.

Key Topics

  • Design temperatures, materials, and radiography
  • Flange, gasket, and bolt selection
  • Nozzles
  • OTL calculation
  • Impingement rod design
  • U-bend diameters
  • Tubepass arrangements

Suggested Participants

Experienced Xist users who want to learn more about the inner workings of Xist