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Impact of Recent HTRI Research Short Course

Course Fee: US$650

Many members learn about the impact of HTRI research only when new software is released and HTRI Xchanger Suite predictions change. This short course highlights recent developments in the HTRI research program and demonstrates their impact through case studies, including

  • a feed effluent heat exchanger with shellside phase separation
  • light hydrocarbon reboiler with drywall boiling
  • kettle reboiler with vapor holdup
  • flow maldistribution in an air cooler

Come and learn the latest HTRI guidelines and update your understanding of our research program.

Key Topics

Progress in these research areas will be discussed:

  • air-cooler studies
  • stream analysis
  • pressure drop and flow regimes in large pipes
  • kettle reboilers
  • thermosiphon operation
  • tubeside falling film evaporation
  • vacuum shellside condensation

Suggested Participants

HTRI members who are interested in learning the latest HTRI guidelines and how HTRI research impacts the results given in Xchanger Suite