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Kettle Reboilers Short Course

Course Fee: US$650

Thermal design methods for kettle reboilers have evolved over the years and old rules-of-thumb no longer apply. New research results, software advances, and feedback from industry all contribute to improved design practices. The course presents the most up-to-date research in kettle reboilers, provides our current recommendation to use Xist to model kettles accurately, and discusses future research and software development to improve predictions. Many example problems illustrate recommended good practices for using Xist, interpreting warning messages, improving designs, and troubleshooting cases.

Key Topics

  • Shellside boiling methods
  • Recirculation
  • Liquid level and bundle dryout
  • Differences between bundle composition and feed composition
  • Kettle sizing
  • Entrainment
  • Vibration
  • Fouling

Suggested Participants

Thermal design engineers and heat exchanger experts